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CTB-16D PDF Print

A 16 channel, 40 amp capacity do it yourself board LOR control board. Like with the CTB-08 and CTB-08D you need to provide an enclosure, provide 2 power cords (one for channels 1-8, the other for channels 9-16 and the microprocessor), and 16 output cords.

Without a heatsink, each channel can handle a maximum of 2 amps. Each side is capable of 15 amps.

If you add a heatsink to the unit, each channel can run a maximum of 8 amps per channel. However, you are still limited to 15 amps per side.

By default, this controller will only handle 30amps, 15 per side. In order to obtain a full 40amps from this controller you need to do the following:

  1. Install 12 gauge power cords
  2. Upgrade to ceramic, 20amp, fast acting fuses.

Downloads -- These downloads are links from the LOR Support Site:

User Guide

Data Sheet

Blue Board Firmware
Green Board Firmware


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CTB-16PC PDF Print

A 16 channel, 30 amp capacity kit introduced in February 2007. This is currently the lowest cost per channel solution of any Light-O-Rama configuration. It is available in a number of configurations, from a kit where all components are soldered on by the user, to a fully built board sold with cords and enclosure, where the user merely assembles the enclosure. The kit configurations contain all needed parts, including components, heat-sinks (if applicable), solder, screws, and thermal compound.

This controller is officially only rated to handle 30amps, 15 per side. Dan of Light-O-Rama stated that the factor is the plastic enclosure, and that most users should be able to pull 20A per side for short periods of time (although this isn't supported). In order to obtain 40amps from this controller you need to make similar modifications as described for the CTB-16D.


PC-Kit Troubleshooting

 Light-o-Rama also sells the this controller fully assembled! They'll even go ahead and mount it in an enclosure for you if you desire. Check out the Light-O-Rama Store for more information.


Downloads -- These downloads are links from the LOR Support Site:

User Guide

Data Sheet



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CTB-08 PDF Print

An 8 channel, 15 amp capacity do it yourself LOR control board. Do it yourself means you have to provide an enclosure, one power cord, and 8 output cords.

Comes with or without heatsink. With a heatsink this board can control up to 8 amps per channel. Without a heatsink you can only control up to 2 amps per channel.


Downloads -- These downloads are links from the LOR Support Site:

User Guide



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CTB-08D PDF Print

The CTB-08D has everything that the CTB-08 has plus:

  • Handy switches to select unit ID rather than software set unit ID.
  • 20A card vs a 15A card.
  • More sequence memory to store large standalone sequences
  • Can act as a Director unit controlling other controllers (when in standalone mode).
  • Speed control for standalone mode.
  • Firmware can be upgraded via the Hardware Utility.
  • Can control 2 servos as well as control 8 light circuits.
  • A version of the CTB08D an operate at 240v 50Hz as well as 120v 60Hz.


Downloads -- These downloads are links from the LOR Support Site:

User Guide

Data Sheet





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DIO32 PDF Print

The following information is from a message board post by a member of the Light-O-Rama team, on 06/09/2007.

The DIO32 is scheduled to ship in late September 2007. Here are some preliminary specs:

The main board has four 8-channel headers. The 8-channel banks are configured independently but all channels in a bank perform the same function. A bank can be digital inputs, digital outputs, servo outputs or triac control. Supports stand-alone. You can use the DIO32's inputs and outputs directly or use one or more of the following four daughter boards:

  1. 16 channel triac card 120/240 VAC 40 amp (two 8-channel 20 amp banks)
  2. 8 channel relay card (16amp 240VAC SPDT relays)
  3. 8 channel high power triac card with full input and output filtering 120/240 VAC 60 amp (two 4-channel 30 amp banks)
  4. 16 channel triac/SSR/DIO/servo attach card (two 8 channel banks, independently configured) Provides easy bank configuration & attachment of your devices and has two zero-cross detectors for triac or random cross SSR control.

(1) & (3) have input fuses. (1), (2) & (3) have individual fuses on each output. Three-phase friendly



The LOR DC-MP3 (Light-O-Rama Director Card with MP3 Player) is a powerful yet compact light show director. It is designed to control a network of Light-O-Rama (LOR) light controllers while simultaneously playing MP3 music files.

The unit is simple to operate. You insert a SD memory card and plug it in. It will then run the show.

Includes a 128Mb SD card and a USB card reader to transfer shows from your PC to the SD card.

Please visit the LOR Support page for the most update data sheet and user guide.

  DC-MP3 updated 06/27/2008 - Units shipped between 06/5/2008 and 06/26/2008 - The Schedule play time did not work correctly.
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CMB-16D Deluxe DC Board PDF Print
The Deluxe DC Board CMB16D is a 16 channel controller that can operate independently, operate as the director unit in a multi-controller network or as an add-on unit of a larger synchronized network of controllers. Each of the 16 independent channels has a number of special effects such as dimming, ramping, twinkle and shimmer.

This card controls Direct Current (DC) loads. It has two 20 Amp DC inputs and can handle voltages up to 60VDC. In the case the supply voltage is below 12 volts, an aux input is used to power the onboard electronics.

This unit is an excellent choice for control of LED Spotlights and LEDs designed for the Sign Industry.



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DMX Interface PDF Print

The iDMX1000 is an intelligent DMX interface that connects a Light-O-Rama (LOR) network with a DMX Universe. This module provides intelligent channels that can perform enhanced LOR effects such as fade and twinkle.

In addition, the iDMX1000 can act as a standalone director and it can be used to simultaneously control a LOR Network and/or a DMX Universe.

Sophisticated, easy to use, pc-based configuration. One-to-one channel mapping allows for ultimate flexibility with no need to “waste” channels because of block allocations.


Downloads -- These downloads are links from the LOR Support Site:

User Guide

Data Sheet





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