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Show Editor
The Light-O-Rama Show Editor is used to create shows.  Shows are groups of sequences to be played as a group.  They can be scheduled to play at certain times using the Schedule Editor, and will then be played using the Show Player.

To start the Show Editor, you can run it from your computer's Start Menu by selecting "All Programs" -> "Light-O-Rama" -> "Light-O-Rama Show Editor".  Alternatively, if the Light-O-Rama Control Panel is already running, you can right-click its icon in your computer's system tray, and select "Show Editor" from the popup menu that will open.

Shows consist of several sections.  Each section serves a different purpose - for example, the "startup section" is a list of sequences that will be played when the show begins, while the "animation section" is a list of animation sequences that will be played throughout most of the show's duration (after startup and before shutdown).  All sections are optional.
What is a show? PDF Print

A show is a collection of sequences created with the Sequence Editor. You use the Schedule Editor to schedule shows.

The structure of a show

A show comprises five components:

1. The background component
2. The startup component
3. The musical component
4. The animation component
5. The shutdown component

Each component consists of animation or musical sequences or combinations of them created with the sequence editor. When Light-O-Rama plays a scheduled show, it plays the components in the following order:

1. The startup component is played once.
2. The musical and animation components are played concurrently, for as long as the show is scheduled.
3. The shutdown component is played once.

Each component is optional. For example, you may create a show that consists of only the animation component and a shutdown component.

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Simple Show Editor PDF Print

What is it?

The Simple Show Builder is just what you would expect it to be. It's a utility designed to make it easy to create your shows. The program literally walks you through each step with easy to understand questions.

Getting/Installing the software

To download the Simple Show Builder, simply visit the Light-O-Rama web site, and click on Support. At the bottom of the page you will see a link for the Simple Show building.


As of 07/08/2007 when you install the software it will not put a shortcut in your start menu for you. To access the software you will need to open the Light-O-Rama directory on your computer, and access the "LORSimpleShowBuilder.exe" file.

The LOR SSB will look for sequence files located in your current default sequence directory. To determine which directory is your default directory, simply open the sequence editor, and select, "Open."

Generally, you will want to select the "All Files" option to find your sequence files. Only files ending in _16.lms and _32.lms will show up in the 16 and 32 channel buttons, respectively.


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