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This page contains links to online demonstrations of LOR. 


Light-O-Rama Documentation And Demo's

The Light-O-Rama support site has a wealth of information about LOR. It contains demonstrations, manuals and the firmware and software upgrades needed for LOR. If you haven't done so already, you should visit it today. The address


Other Demonstrations

These demonstrations are created using the full version of LOR. They assume that you have the Light-O-Rama control panel running. To start the LOR Control Panel, 'Start -> Program Files -> Light-O-Rama -> Control Panel'

If you do not have the full LOR version, that's okay. You will still be able to learn about LOR from these demonstrations.

Creating A Show

This demo shows you how to create a show using the LOR Show Editor.

Create A Show - A show is a collection of LOR sequences.

Creating a Schedule

This demo shows you how to create a schedule using the LOR Schedule Editor.

Create A Schedule - A Schedule is a collection of LOR shows.


Now What?

You've created your sequences and shows. You went in and created your schedule. Now it's time to put it all together.

  • Break out that LOR controller, and get power applied to it. (Plug it in!)
  • Using the examples above, connect the LOR controller to your computer. (Or MP3 Director.)
  • Hook up the lights!
  • Make sure your LOR Control Panel is running. See the top of the page if you need help in starting it.
  • Right click on the LOR Icon in your task bar, and select "Status"
  • Right click on the LOR Icon in your task bar, and select "Enable Shows."

In your status window, you will now see the current status of LOR. If you have a show that's scheduled to run, it will show that it's running. If not, it will show you when the next show is scheduled to start. If no show is scheduled to start, you need to go back to your schedule editor, and make sure it's configured correctly.

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