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CTB-16D PDF Print

A 16 channel, 40 amp capacity do it yourself board LOR control board. Like with the CTB-08 and CTB-08D you need to provide an enclosure, provide 2 power cords (one for channels 1-8, the other for channels 9-16 and the microprocessor), and 16 output cords.

Without a heatsink, each channel can handle a maximum of 2 amps. Each side is capable of 15 amps.

If you add a heatsink to the unit, each channel can run a maximum of 8 amps per channel. However, you are still limited to 15 amps per side.

By default, this controller will only handle 30amps, 15 per side. In order to obtain a full 40amps from this controller you need to do the following:

  1. Install 12 gauge power cords
  2. Upgrade to ceramic, 20amp, fast acting fuses.

Downloads -- These downloads are links from the LOR Support Site:

User Guide

Data Sheet

Blue Board Firmware
Green Board Firmware


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