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A 16 channel, 30 amp capacity kit introduced in February 2007. This is currently the lowest cost per channel solution of any Light-O-Rama configuration. It is available in a number of configurations, from a kit where all components are soldered on by the user, to a fully built board sold with cords and enclosure, where the user merely assembles the enclosure. The kit configurations contain all needed parts, including components, heat-sinks (if applicable), solder, screws, and thermal compound.

This controller is officially only rated to handle 30amps, 15 per side. Dan of Light-O-Rama stated that the factor is the plastic enclosure, and that most users should be able to pull 20A per side for short periods of time (although this isn't supported). In order to obtain 40amps from this controller you need to make similar modifications as described for the CTB-16D.


PC-Kit Troubleshooting

 Light-o-Rama also sells the this controller fully assembled! They'll even go ahead and mount it in an enclosure for you if you desire. Check out the Light-O-Rama Store for more information.


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