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Control Panel

The LOR Control Panel will not normally be used, unless you are wanting a scheduled show to run. However, there is no reason you can't leave it running all the time.

From the control panel, you can start the various programs within LOR. The Sequence Editor, Show Editor and Schedule Editor can all be started from within the Control Panel.

The Control Panel also contains two important commands that you will need. Enable Shows and Disable Shows do exactly as they imply. If you have the shows enabled then your shows will run when you have them schuled. If the shows are disabled, they will not run, no matter when you want them to.

Starting Light-O-Rama PDF Print
Start Light-O-Rama from the Start menu by selecting All Programs > Light-O-Rama > Light-O-Rama Control Panel.

After Light-O-Rama has been started, the Light-O-Rama icon will appear in the system tray.

Right-Clicking on the Light-O-Rama icon will bring up a menu; from this menu, you can control the behavior of Light-O-Rama.
Stopping Light-O-Rama PDF Print
To stop Light-O-Rama, right click on the Light-O-Rama icon in the system tray and select Unload Light-O-Rama. Light-O-Rama will stop and the icon will disappear from the system tray. Unloading the Light-O-Rama Control Panel will also prevent scheduled shows from running.
Launching Light-O-Rama Support Applications PDF Print
When Light-O-Rama is running, you can launch the support applications such as the Sequence Editor, the Show Editor, the Schedule Editor, or the Hardware application by right-clicking on the Light-O-Rama icon in the System Tray and selecting the launcher from the menu.
Enabling and Disabling Shows PDF Print
The first time you start Light-O-Rama, shows will be disabled. This means that Light-O-Rama will not play any shows, even if they are currently scheduled to run. In order to enable shows, right-click on the Light-O-Rama icon in the system tray and select Enable Shows. To disable shows, right-click on the Light-O-Rama icon and select Disable Shows. If you want Light-O-Rama to always be ready to run scheduled shows with no intervention on your part, you should Enable Shows and set Launch at Startup.
Setting Light-O-Rama to Launch at Startup PDF Print
You can have Light-O-Rama automatically start when your PC is started. This is helpful when you have shows scheduled and want to make sure that Light-O-Rama will start the show on schedule. If you do not have Launch at startup set and there PC should reboot for any reason, your scheduled shows will not run until you manually start the Light-O-Rama Control Panel. Use Launch at Startup and the Do not launch at startup options to enable and disable automatic startup of Light-O-Rama.


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