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Something not working the way you expect? Look here.

Hardware bugs, those that are related to wireless units, MP3 players, etc., are posted on the hardware section. 

Software problems, from installation to scheduling are located in the software portion.

The Known Bugs section for LOR1 and LOR2 contain, well, known bugs, and how to work around them.


  • Hardware   ( 7 Articles )
    For problems with controllers, directors, ELL's or any other LOR related hardware.
  • Software   ( 12 Articles )
    For problems related to the sequence editor, control panel, hardware utility, show player and more.
  • Bugs and Fixes - LOR1   ( 6 Articles )
    Known bugs and fixes for LOR 1 series.
  • Bugs and Fixes - LOR2   ( 4 Articles )

    Known bugs and fixes for LOR2 (S2). If you don't see your problem in the hardware or software area, be sure to check here and make sure it's not a bug!



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