Light-O-Rama Wiki 2.0

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  • Pre-Sales Questions   ( 16 Articles )

    Are you interested in purchasing LOR? Have questions about what LOR can do for your display? This is the section for you.


  • General Q&A   ( 21 Articles )

    General questions and answers about Light-O-Rama Hardware, Software and accessories.


  • Sequences, Shows and Schedules   ( 5 Articles )

    All about sequences, shows and schedules and how the relate to each other within Light-O-Rama.


  • Sequence Editor   ( 6 Articles )

    Questions related to the use of the LOR Sequence Editor.


  • LOR 2   ( 5 Articles )

    Questions about the newest version of Light-O-Rama, S2.


  • Video in LOR2   ( 10 Articles )

    With LOR2 you can now incorporate video into your display.



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