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Pre-Sales Questions

Are you interested in purchasing LOR? Have questions about what LOR can do for your display? This is the section for you.


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What is the minimum I need to buy in order to get started?
How many channels am I going to need?
What is the minimum configuration to run LOR?
What is the difference between Showtime, Hobbyist and DIY products?
Is there a Linux version available?
What software do you use to control your displays?
What type of connection is made to between the computer and the Light-O-Rama devices?
What is the difference between the CTB08 and the CTB08D boards?
Do I need a computer connected to my LOR controllers for them to work?
What's the rated capacity of LOR products?
What's the power draw of an idle 16 channel controller?
Can I use LED/Flood/Rope lights with LOR?
How do I control my animated deer with LOR?
Can I use LOR in the United Kingdom? (240V 50Hz)
Where and how do I mount my controllers?
I don't have a serial port. Can I use LOR?


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