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Do I have to use an adaptor from LOR?
Where can I get sequences?
How many lights can I run per channel/board.?
How do I run the show?
Can I have two controllers with the same address?
How do I control X10 via LOR?
I lost my RS485 converter that I got from LOR.
Dimensions of CTB16D
Help, I blew a fuse!
I bought the Hobbyist version. Now what?
How do I update the firmware on the LOR boards?
Which port do I hook up the network/phone cables to?
What is the maximum distance allowed between controllers?
Does it matter how I connect the boards to one another?
Which wires of a CAT5 wire does LOR use?
Backing Up The LOR Files
I have a 16 channel controller with two power cords. I just lost power to one side. Why?
Is it possible to upgrade a 1600 to a 1602?
How do I create/edit/modify audio files?
How do visitors hear the show music?
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