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When playing a sequence back in the editor, the events seem out of sync sometimes. PDF Print
If you have "Play Range -> Visible Screen" set and you play back a sequence and it's out of sync, then it's possible that you are using a Variable Bit Rate (VBR) MP3 file. Light-O-Rama uses the Windows Media routines to play the MP3 files. What happens in the inside is that LOR looks for an internal 'mark' in the MP3 file. When encoded with VBR MP3, LOR can't latch on to the correct spot within the file.

The solution is to convert the MP3 file to a .WAV file. .WAV files don't suffer from this problem, and are really the preferred way to play your music. Keep in mind, though, there are plenty of people who use MP3 and do not have this problem, as their MP3's are in Constant Bit Rate format should not suffer from this problem, as the internal markers should stay the same throughout the file.



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