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The Calendar Schedule PDF Print

The Calendar Schedule contains information on shows that should be played once, on a specific date. This is the FIRST place that the LOR Control Panel will look to start a show.

Any information that you have in the Calendar schedule will take priority over anything you have in the weekly schedule. For example, if you have a single, 1 hour show scheduled for 8:00pm on Christmas Eve, this is the only show that will run on Christmas Eve. It does not matter if you have shows scheduled for another time of day in the weekly schedule, this is the only show that's going to play.

This graphic shows a show scheduled for 7:00p-10:00p on Christmas Night. Note the oval on 12/25, as this indicates what day on the calendar we are scheduling a show for. If we were to pick another day on the calendar, 12/25 would be in bold letters indicating something is scheduled for that day.

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