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What is this site? The goal of this site is to help you learn about Light-O-Rama in an easy to read, and easy to understand format. Information about various parts of the Light-O-Rama system is categorized into (hopefully) logical sections for you to read. The FAQ has many questions about Light-O-Rama that people have asked on the past. The troubleshooting section is there for you when you encounter a problem. Information on this site is gathered from various sources including various Internet forums, personal experiences, and communications with the employees of Light-O-Rama.

What is Light-O-Rama? Light-O-Rama is a leading manufacturer of user  programmable light controllers. Their powerful controllers and easy to use software put you completely in control of your lights.

How can I contribute? Simple! Register for an account here at Once you verify your account, you will be able to log into the web site, and create articles. Once they are reviewed they will be published here on the site for all to see. As the author of the article, your name will remain attached to the document.

This project is owned by Light-O-Rama - Light-O-Rama is the owner of the LORWiki site.



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