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This is a very advanced Light-O-Rama configuration.




  1. This is a 16 channel controller that contains an MP3 Director card. You design and build your show using the ShowTime software on your Windows PC and then transfer it to an SD memory card. This card is inserted into the MP3 Director which then issues the lighting controller commands and plays the accompanying music. The MP3 Director daughter card is powered by the lighting controller.
  2. This ‘Y’ connector splits the stereo audio feed from the MP3 Director
  3. Your powered speakers (or audio system) are used to amplify the show’s music that the MP3 Director is providing.
  4. A low power FM transmitter allows auto occupants to tune their radios so they can hear the music of your show.
  5. Two 16 channel lighting controllers that are hardwired to the master controller (the one containing the MP3 Director.)
  6. These are the AC power feeds to and from the lighting controllers.
  7. This Wireless Data Transceiver is cabled to the controller containing the MP3 Director. It will transmit the lighting commands to other wireless connected controllers in your show. It is powered by the controller it is cabled to.
  8. These Wireless Data Transceivers receive the lighting controller commands from Transceiver (7) and relay them to the controllers cabled to them. They are powered by the 16 channel controllers to which they are connected. You can cable multiple controllers to one transceiver or have one transceiver per controller.


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