Sophisticated Setup Print

This example would be useful for connecting two houses together.





  1. The Light-O-Rama ShowTime Windows Software is used to design and run your shows. It plays the music and controls the lights.
  2. An audio Y-connector is used to split the music from the PC’s sound card so that it can be sent to two devices.
  3. Speakers allow you to hear the music being played by the Showtime Software while it controls your lights.
  4. A low power FM transmitter allows auto occupants to hear the music of your show. You place a lighted sign in your front yard indicating what station you are using.
  5. The Light-O-Rama Deluxe USB to RS485 converter changes limited distance USB signaling to long distance, noise immune RS-485. It also contains a power supply for Light-O-Rama Wireless Transceivers.
  6. The Light-O-Rama Wireless Transceiver takes the place of the normal RS485 cable connection. You can use it to get out of your own house and/or to allow one or more homes within 500 feet of the transmitter to run a coordinated show.
  7. These Light-O-Rama 8-channel or 16-channel lighting controllers are locally connected (I.e. hardwired to the controlling PC.) Total length of all interconnecting cables is up to 4000 feet.
  8. These are the 8 or 16 power feeds (depending upon controller model) that you connect to your lines of lights. Remember, each channel (or power feed) is independently controlled and can be changed very rapidly.
  9. This Wireless Transceiver is receiving commands from Transceiver (6) and is powered by the controller to which it is connected.
  10. These controllers are being controller via a wireless link, they may be in your yard or a neighbor’s yard.


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