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Sequences are not turning on the correct channels PDF Print

Problem: When you play a show in the show player, sequences are not turning on the correct lights.

In almost every case this is due to a configuration error in the channel grid of the sequence you are playing.

Some things to check:

  • Verify (again) that you've configured the channels correctly. If you have the same channel configured twice, LOR will 'fight' for control of that channel.
  • When using tracks, you should never create a new channel in another track. Rather, you should copy channels to the new track. If you create a new channel in another track, and it has the same configuration as another channel in another track, you may encounter errors. (Always, always, copy channels to new tracks!)
  • Are you using a background sequence? If so, make sure that any light configured in the background sequence does not appear in your regular sequences. This will also cause LOR to 'fight' for control of that channel.
  • Did you use the import/export feature? If not, then perhaps you did not configure a channel correctly the second (or third time) you created a sequence.



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