X10 CM11A Print
Light-O-Rama can control industry standard X-10 modules using a CM11A X10 controller. The CM11A controller can be purchased at a variety of online stores. Currently Light-O-Rama only allows 0% and 100% intensity.

X10 is a very slow control mechanism. Commands take on the average 1 full second to complete. When build a sequence that controls X10 you should not send commands to X10 devices more frequently than one second. Remember turning one light off and another light on is TWO commands. The Light-O-Rama software will queue up to 50 commands that are being sent to X10 controllers. If that number is exceeded then commands will be lost.


The CM11A Test Screen in the Light-O-Rama Hardware Utility can be used to test the connection and functionality of the CM11A controller.

Connect the CM11A to a serial port using the cable supplied with the CM11A.

Select the Port you believe the CM11A to be on and click the Init Unit Button. In the status window above the Select CM11A Port box you will see if the unit has been located on the selected port. Note: Occasionally there will be a false report of a CM11A being located on Comm ports that are actually internal modems. This is generally Comm3.

You can further verify that the correct comm port has been selected by sending ON and OFF commands to selected X10 Units.