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The Firmware Updater section of the Light-O-Rama Hardware Utility is used to send new Firmware to a controller. The controller’s firmware is like the operating system on your PC. Your PC has Windows 98 or Windows XP. That Operating System is used to run other programs that you load on the computer. The firmware on Light-O-Rama controller executes the command to control the lights and runs standalone sequences.

From time to time new versions of firmware will become available. In general, unless a new version of firmware has a new feature that you need to use, you should not update the firmware.


Update The Firmware

It is recommended that only one unit be connected to the PC when updating firmware. Units can have their firmware updated while in the network by selecting their unit ID and sending firmware but if you do update in the network make sure that Selected from units listed above is selected.

When only one unit is attached to the PC, you can use the Only one unit is connected selection. In this case you do not need to perform a Refresh and select a unit.

STEP 1: Select the Unit

First connect the unit to the PC using a SC485 or USB-RS485/USB-RS485B connector and cable. Make sure that the unit is plugged in and turned on. In the Hardware Utility used the Refresh button (see Figure 1) to discover the unit. This will take a few seconds. If it takes a long time to Search the Network, and you only have a few units, then reduce the Max Units to a smaller number. This will make searches much faster. When the refresh is complete the Unit should appear in the List of units and the maximum load size of the particular controller should be displayed.

If you are selecting a unit from the List above, select Selected from units listed above. If you did not perform a refresh and have only one unit connected you should select Only one unit is connected.

STEP 2: Select the Firmware File

Use the Open button to select the firmware file. The firmware files are kept in the directory “Firmware” in you Light-O-Rama base directory. The Open command will place you in the base directory. Select the latest version of firmware for the Unit being updated. The names of the firmware files correspond with the names of the controllers.

STEP 3: Download the Firmware

Use the Download button start the download. The progress bar will provide you with an update.

Note: If the download does not start within 15 seconds, check that the unit is powered and properly connected to the PC. If all else fails, power the Unit On and Off AFTER YOU CLICK THE DOWNLOAD BUTTON AND THE PC IS ATTEMPTING TO START THE DOWNLOAD.



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