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The Sequence Download section of the Light-O-Rama Hardware Utility is used to send Animation Sequences to a controller. The Download of a Animation Sequence allows a Unit to operate independently or “Standalone”. When Units run in standalone mode, they run through the Animation Sequence locally. Commands that have the Standalone Unit’s, Unit ID are acted on by the Standalone Unit or (Director Unit). If a command is located that is for another Unit, the Standalone Unit will transmit that command via the communications cable to the other Unit. Note: The CTB08 controller does not have transmit capability in Standalone Mode.

In the normal case the Unit will execute the Standalone Sequence anytime it is powered on. Some controllers have clocks that allow the Standalone Sequence to be scheduled to run during a particular timeframe.


Create the Sequence

Using the Sequence Editor, create an Animation Sequence. Only Animation Sequences can be sent to a controller. Some controllers have very little storage space for Sequences. When you create the Animation Sequence you must assign Unit IDs and Circuit numbers to the channels as normal. It makes sense to assign the Unit receiving the download Unit ID = 01 and use Unit ID 01 in the Animation Sequence.

Because size is a limiting factor you can help reduce the size of the file using the following tips:

  • Fade commands use up the most space
  • The least space is used when all lights on a controller are either 100% or 0% intensity
  • When possible place similar commands at the same time. For example: If you turn one circuit on a controller off and then wait 1/10 second and turn another circuit off, it will take about twice the space in the file than turning both of them off at the same time.
  • Use Loops when ever possible.


Downloaded Sequences have a minimum timing of 1/10 second. Anything less will be moved to the NEXT 1/10 second.

Depending on the unit 1 to 10 loop levels are supported.

Loop Speed modification is not supported and will be ignored.

The size of memory in the controller dedicates the max sequence size. Controllers such as the CTB08 have little space and can handle only very simple animations.

Download The Sequence

Select the Unit

First connect the unit to the PC using a SC485 connector and cable. Make sure that the unit is plugged in and turned on. In the Hardware Utility used the Refresh button to discover the unit. This will take a few seconds. If it takes a long time to Search the Network, and you only have a few units, then reduce the Max Units to a smaller number. This will make searches much faster. When the refresh is complete the Unit should appear in the List of units and the maximum load size of the particular controller should be displayed.

Select the Animation Sequence

Use the Open button to select the Animation Sequence.

Once a sequence has been selected the Use the DownLoad button to send the file to the Unit.

Determining When a Sequence Runs

The “Run when power is on” option and the “Run during schedule” option are selections are used to determine when the Unit will execute the sequence. When the DownLoad button is pressed and the Sequence is sent to the unit, the startup information is also sent to the unit.

It is recommended that you test the sequence if possible once the download is complete. To start the sequence click the Test On button To stop the sequence, click the Test Off button The Test Off button will stop the sequence even if it was started automatically by power on or schedule.

If you want to change the settings without resending the download, make your selections and click the Send Start info to Unit button.

If you want to clear the Unit so it will not execute the sequence, click the Clear Standalone Status button. The sequence will remain on the unit but it will not be executed automatically.

Testing and Removing sequences

Once a sequence has been downloaded to the Unit, you can test the sequence’s operation by pressing the Sequence On button to start it and the Sequence Off to stop it. If you want to remove a sequence for a controller so that it no longer functions as a standalone controller, use the Delete Button.



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