Configuring Units Print
Some units such as the MC-Px and the CTBxxD units have special options that can be configured.

Connect The Unit to the PC

The first step is to connect the new Unit to the PC. Connect it using an SC485 adaptor and cable. Make sure that selector switches are set for the type of cable used. Units are shipped ready to use data cable. Plug the Unit into an AC outlet and turn the unit on.

Select the Comm Port

Using the Light-O-Rama Control Panel start the Hardware Utility. When the Hardware Utility starts it automatically connects to the default Light-O-Rama Network Port. If you have not previously set the Comm Port do it now ( see Setting Comm Port)


Select the Unit

First connect the unit to the PC using a SC485 connector and cable. Make sure that the unit is plugged in and turned on. In the Hardware Utility used the Refresh button to discover the unit. This will take a few seconds. If it takes a long time to Search the Network, and you only have a few units, then reduce the Max Units to a smaller number. This will make searches much faster. When the refresh is complete the Unit should appear in the List of Units. Select the unit you want to update form the list.

Set Configuration Select the Configure button at the bottom of the screen.

Set the Min and Max Intensity While active, the Unit will not set the intensity below the Minimum intensity. If the Unit looses communications with its Director it will turn the lights down to 0% intensity. The Minimum Intensity is not set on the lights until the first Lighting Command is received by the Unit.

The Maximum Intensity can be used to help prolong the life of bulbs.

Max and Min intensity only have an effect on Ports that are configured as Triac Board

Set Port Type

The Port Type can be set to Triac Board or SSR. When set to Triac Board, dimming an fading are possible. When set to SSR the Unit will support SSRs with zero cross detectors.


Click the Update Unit button to send the new configuration information to the Unit.