Setting Unit IDs Print
Light-O-Rama Light Controllers (Units) must have a unique ID assigned to them. The reason that they have this unique ID is simple. The Units in the network can see every message that is set in the network. Every message contains a Unit ID. The Units examine the Unit ID in each of the messages and ignore any message that does not have their ID.

A Unit Id is a two-character field. Each character can have the values 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,A,B,C,D,E and F. The IDs can therefore have the values of “00” to “FF” however some values are not allowed. “00” and “F1” thru “FF” are not valid Unit IDs.

Some Units have selector switches that all allow you to directly set their Unit ID. In that case simply use a small screw driver and click the dial to the desired

Other Units such as the CTB08 do not have selector switches so you must use the Hardware Utility to set their Unit Numbers.


Connect The Unit to the PC

The first step is to connect the new Unit to the PC. Connect it using an SC485 adaptor and cable. Make sure that selector switches are set for the type of cable used. Units are shipped ready to use data cable. Plug the Unit into an AC outlet and turn the unit on.

Select the Comm Port

Using the Light-O-Rama Control Panel start the Hardware Utility. When the Hardware Utility starts it automatically connects to the default Light-O-Rama Network Port. If you have not previously set the Comm Port do it now ( see Setting Comm Port )

Setting the ID on a New Unit

If this is a new unit, Use the Set New Unit section of the Hardware Utility. Select the Unit ID you want to assign to this unit and click the Set Unit ID button.

Changing the ID on an Old Unit

If this is an old unit and you want to change the unit number, Use the Change Existing ID section of the Hardware Utility, Select the Units Current ID in the Old Unit ID list and select the New Unit ID. Then click Change Unit ID.

If you cannot remember the Old Unit ID or the Unit does not appear to be reacting to the Old ID, you can set the Old Unit ID to Any Unit. BE VERY CAREFULL. Any and all Units that are connected to the PC will react to the Change Unit ID command if Any Unit is selected.

Getting Errors Trying to Set the ID

If you receive an error that the Unit cannot be located the first thing to do is to check all connections and make sure that the correct Comm Port is selected. If you still cannot locate the Unit, check the Communication LED on the Unit. When the Unit is disconnected from the Data Cable the LED should blink. If the Hardware Utility has the correct Comm Port selected then the Unit’s Communication LED should stop blinking when connected to the PC.

When the Unit is connected to the data cable the LED should stop blinking. For the LED to stop blinking, Hardware Utility is connected to the correct Comm port

If the Communications LED continues to blink regardless of the steps taken then there may be a problem with the cable, the SC485, the controller or the PC’s Comm Port.

If the LED stop blinking and is on steady and you still get an error when attempting to set the Unit ID then there may be a problem with the SC485 or the Controller or the PC may have a communications driver that is not completely compatible with Light-O-Rama. However, if the LED does go steady on then you can set the Unit ID by checking the Ignore Errors box. If you do need to check the Ignore Errors box then check that the Unit ID has been set correctly by running some tests in the Test Unit’s Operation section of the Hardware Utility.