DIO32 Print

The following information is from a message board post by a member of the Light-O-Rama team, on 06/09/2007.

The DIO32 is scheduled to ship in late September 2007. Here are some preliminary specs:

The main board has four 8-channel headers. The 8-channel banks are configured independently but all channels in a bank perform the same function. A bank can be digital inputs, digital outputs, servo outputs or triac control. Supports stand-alone. You can use the DIO32's inputs and outputs directly or use one or more of the following four daughter boards:

  1. 16 channel triac card 120/240 VAC 40 amp (two 8-channel 20 amp banks)
  2. 8 channel relay card (16amp 240VAC SPDT relays)
  3. 8 channel high power triac card with full input and output filtering 120/240 VAC 60 amp (two 4-channel 30 amp banks)
  4. 16 channel triac/SSR/DIO/servo attach card (two 8 channel banks, independently configured) Provides easy bank configuration & attachment of your devices and has two zero-cross detectors for triac or random cross SSR control.

(1) & (3) have input fuses. (1), (2) & (3) have individual fuses on each output. Three-phase friendly