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The LOR Wiki 2.0 site got its start as the "LORWiki" back in May of 2006 with the idea that people would contribute their knowledge of LOR to the project to benefit everyone. The format was similar in nature to the Wikipedia web site, where anyone could add or edit the information. While the site was referred to often, and even included on the LOR site and documentation, the level of participation wasn't enough to keep the content current.

In April 2008, the site was redesigned and the Wiki portion of the site was dropped. Content is now added by the site owners and those who sign up for an account. Anyone who wants to add to the LOR Wiki project needs only to sign up for an account. Once an account is activated and logged in, a link is availble to "Submit and Article" to the site. It will be reviewed for correctness, and placed on the site ASAP. 

Any corrections to information you see here should be sent to us via email. Use the "Contact Us" link in the "About" menu it to send in your corrections.

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