S2 News - Dan Baldwin (June 2008) Print
Friday, 06 June 2008 14:24


Just wanted to keep everyone informed of what is happening with the S2 software. The story:

Originally I was going to maintain both LOR I and S2. LOR I would be a lower priced entry level of software: (around $29) and S2 would be the full featured premium software. After all, LOR I (me talking) is probably better and more reliable than any other software on the market (except S2) and certainly more people have created their own Christmas light shows with LOR I than any other software on the market. So a lower priced LOR I would be a great way for people to get started and they could upgrade to S2 when then could afford it. (that was my thinking at least)

About a month ago I started to rethink things and a couple of weeks ago changed the rules. It seemed smarter to have only S2 but to have different levels (for example) Basic, Standard and Professional. The basic version would be a low priced entry and would be missing most of the new features that differentiate LOR1 and S2. This way we would only have to maintain one version of code and things would be a bit easier for us. However that leads to a more complicated licensing scheme. Everyone would have the same code but the license level would control the feature levels. We would have to maintain a database of what level everyone currently has so we know if they are eligible for a particular upgrade at a particular price.

It is because of this more complicated licensing and the fact that time was already spent on LOR I to do licensing that we fell behind on our June release date.

But it turns out that last week I changed my mind again…. Can you imagine having to work with me and be working on this code! Now this last change will not push out the release date of the licensed code and the idea falls into the exact model we are building but it again changes the rules.

If you are contemplating starting with LOR then I recommend that you wait until the June 21 sale to buy software!

Regardless of what plans I come up with to marketing the LOR S2 software, existing LOR I software owners will be getting the highest level of S2 at no charge.

Dan Baldwin
Light O Rama, Inc.